3 Mindless Ways to Earn $20,000 per Year (Part 1)

You have a day job…

And while that day job pays the bills, if you’re like 70% of Americans, it doesn’t do a whole lot else.

It doesn’t let you travel…

It doesn’t give you enough time with your family…

And it sure as hell doesn’t give you the freedom to write that book you’ve been talking about writing all these years.

Point is, your day job is more harmful than it is helpful. Sure – you need it right now to make sure you don’t end up in a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!

But it’s not your end goal…

Which is why you’re here.

You’re dreaming bigger and wanting to kick ass.

You’re wanting to make your own money, on your own time, from wherever you want. And whether you’re looking for a little side-income or a grand adios to captain day-job, below are ten proven ways to start building wealth that you control.

1. Sell on Amazon


By selling on Amazon, you can make a cool $1,000 to $2,000 per month (or more if you keep at it). The trick is to set yourself up as a dropshipping store so you don’t have to store or send any of your own products.

You play the middle man, sell other supplier’s products, request shipment, and make the difference of what your customer paid you for the product vs. what you pay the supplier.

My wife and I do this and we’re only 3 months in, making about $1,200 per month.

If you’d like to hire a coach, then consider our coach, Katie Melissa [<– Affiliate link] – she does a wonderful job of guiding you through the hoops of becoming a successful Amazon seller.

2. Flip Land


A buddy of mine just tried his hand at land investing. He bought a piece of land in his area for $2,000 and spent $500 on advertising. After one week, he sold it for $8,000 and made a clean $5,500.

A couple weeks later, he did the same thing, this time making $1,500.

The best part? He did almost nothing. He sent out a few direct mailers to buy the land, then posted on some Facebook buy-and-sell groups to sell the land. Boom. $5,500.

Plus, there’s almost no risk. Land can’t burn down like a house can and if something crazy did happen (like someone crashing and dying on your property), then worst case scenario, you’re out a few thousand dollars – rather than hundreds of thousands of dollars with real estate.

LandThink is my friends go-to place for learning which markets are ripe for reselling land.

3. Start a Freelance Business


Itching to take the leap and work where you want, when you want?

Well, I run a freelance business in addition to my full-time remote job and it makes me about $2,000 every single month.

And I spend about 10 hours on it per month.

Sound impossible? It’s not. By outsourcing unimportant tasks and working with the right clients who’ll pay you what you deserve, it’s easy. In fact, I’m currently working on a course that will teach you exactly how to build your freelancing business to $2,000 per month in just 90 days…

Even if you don’t know how to find clients, if you don’t know what skillset to freelance, or you don’t have a unique skillset…

It’s the exact strategy I used to build my freelancing business. Until then, though, check out my article over here that outlines the strategy.


Like any of these ideas?

Hit me with a comment about which is your favorite and which you’d like to go for! I can help if you need it. And be on the look out for more articles like this. Actually, I’m doing a 3-part series about different easy ways to make $20,000 per year.

Cause who couldn’t use a little extra cash every month?

Spent the day learning to surf on the coast at Porto, Portugal a few weeks back!



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